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Tropical Fusion (Strawberry + Mango) 300ml x 4

Tropical Fusion (Strawberry + Mango) 300ml x 4

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Bursting with flavor, the sweetness of the strawberry and mango infusion is perfectly palatable for those who are first-timers with water kefir!

Each of our cans contain over 3 billion CFUs of gut-loving, immunity-supporting and mood-elevating probiotics that nourish your gut and help you live your best life, one sip at a time!

Ingredients: Water kefir (Mineral water, cane sugar, lemon, water kefir grains - grains are sieved before bottling) 

Infused with: Mango, strawberries, raspberries

Our water kefir is 100% raw, unprocessed and unpasteurised so that you can enjoy this healing drink in its most natural form. It contains live probiotics so please store the cans in the fridge when not enjoying!

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