Our Story

Hello! I’m Farzeen - a recently-converted health-nut who is the founder of B.Gutsy. I brewed my first batch of water kefir in a corner of my kitchen in 2020 - in the midst of the covid pandemic. I was looking for ways to support my family’s intrinsic immunity and had a gut feeling that there was more to our health than what conventional medicine offers. This was especially important to me because I am a mom to two girls, one of whom has a genetic condition known as Down syndrome and is considered to generally have immune disturbances - so I went all out trying to crack the immunity code. 

During this time, I found out just how important gut health is and how 70-80% of our immunity comes from a healthy digestive system. I came to realise the damage we inflict upon our bodies (and minds) when we do not pay attention to what we are eating and where it is coming from. 

Water kefir turned out to be the most kid-friendly gut food that I experimented with (after a LOT of trial and error!) and it quickly became a favourite in our home. Not only because of the way it tasted, but because it helped my younger daughter get rid of the eczema that she had been suffering from since she was a baby, and my older one with her chronic digestive issues. And for me, personally, it seemed like it gave me a new lease on life. The changes on my overall well-being that came from consistently drinking water kefir were almost dramatic - higher energy levels, better sleep, better mood, fantastic digestion, etc. 

Initially I brewed just for close friends and family - but what started first as a passion project soon outgrew the kitchen and became what is now B.Gutsy - a small business catering to the gut-health-conscious community of Karachi. 

I will always want for B.Gutsy water kefir to stay true to the intention for which I first started making it - and that was to nourish my family and keep them healthy and strong. For this reason, we’re very very particular about using only 100% natural ingredients - no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, dyes or flavourings are used in our drinks. We want everyone to experience the REAL, uncontaminated benefits from this miraculous gift from nature. Creating the best-tasting and highest quality water kefir is a mission that the B.Gutsy team aspires towards ever single day so that you can be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!