What Makes a Balanced Gut?

What Makes a Balanced Gut?

A fantastic analogy for the gut is that of a rainforest. The more diverse the flora and fauna of a rainforest, the more it thrives (diversity ALWAYS for the win!).

The same goes for our body too – for our internal ecosystem. The science behind the advice of “eat a rainbow everyday” is more than just getting enough fruits and veggies – its about eating a wide variety of foods so that our body gets the essential nutrients it needs, and our internal rainforests can stay balanced. A diet consisting of different food types can lead to a diverse gut microbiota. A healthy gut flora requires hundreds of different types of species of bacteria, each playing a different role in our overall health.

We’re often told to have yogurt to soothe an upset tummy. When the gut is out of whack (due to bad foods, stress, etc.), natural probiotics in yogurt can help in restoring some of that balance. A typical yogurt culture contains between 4 – 6 strains of beneficial bacteria.

Compare this to naturally fermented beverages like water kefir which can contain anywhere between 40 – 56 different strains of healthy bacteria!

Support the diversity, balance and resilience of your rainforest within. Order your water kefir today and level up your health game!

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