A Short History of Our Planet

A Short History of Our Planet

If you want a sense of how life on our 🌎 has evolved, try this:

Hold your arms out wide.

The tip of your right hand’s middle finger marks the formation of the Earth, 4.6 billion years ago💥

The tip of the left hand represents present day.

The elbow of your right arm marks the time when the Earth’s rocks began to cool and the life began in the form of bacteria.

From this point, it took until your left wrist (another 3 billion years) before the most basic of animals evolved – like sponges and other sea-floor creatures.

Mammals came about at the point where your left middle finger connects to your palm.

And humans, in all our glory and “wisdom”, stepped on to the Earth at the very tip of your middle finger’s fingernail.

We have never known life without bacteria. They have reigned supreme for billions of years before us. Our existences are so deeply intertwined, that it’s impossible to live without them.

Our bodies are designed to not only exist, but to THRIVE in a beautiful balance with this tiny microbial life. We are MADE OF IT. A whopping 90% of the cells on and inside our body consists of these non-human, living, microorganisms.

The more we reduce our bodies’ access to these microorganisms, the less healthy we are. When we reduce our exposure to the natural outdoors, when we sit inside closed, artificially ventilated rooms in our homes and offices day in and day out, when we ingest processed and synthetic foods 🍰🍟 on an almost constant basis - we are actively denying ourselves a healthy mind and body.

So go camping in the wilderness, take a dip in the sea (Karachi peeps, we are SO lucky to have access to this microbial goldmine!), have an old fashioned picnic on the grass, workout outdoors, and eat natural, whole foods like veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. Include naturally fermented foods (like water kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi) regularly in your diet!

In other words, be as close to Nature as possible. She has all the answers 🌿
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